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  • Thermally Conductive Adhesive(SSTCA)

    Product Name:Thermally Conductive Adhesive
    Type:SSTCA-010H / SSTCA-010L / SSTCA-015H / SSTCA-015L
    Package:Minimum package for 1KG
    Description:Excellent thermal effectiveness, low thermal expansion, fully insulated non-conductive, effectively eliminating the damaging effects due to the operating temperature of electronic components produced, and can be cured at room temperature or under heating, in series before curing has excellent SSTCA mobility; after curing will not be because of hot and cold alternately emerge from the protective shell, its surface smooth potting no volatiles generated.

SSTCA series of thermally conductive adhesive has excellent thermal effectiveness, low thermal expansion, fully insulated non-conductive, effectively eliminating the damaging effects of electronic components produced by temperature changes due to work, and can be cured at room temperature or heated in curing before SSTCA series has excellent flowability; after curing may also be used interchangeably and will not cold emerge from the protective casing, a smooth surface which has no potting volatiles generated.

After curing the product has excellent resistance to toxicity, in general do not have to solder and coatings for special treatment, and is widely used in electronic products, heat bonding and heat sink or metal casing

Product Features:

  • Low-stress, more effective protection of electrical components.
  • 100% solids, no exudation after curing.
  • Excellent resistance to high temperature resistance, excellent weather resistance, resistance to radiation and excellent dielectric properties.
  • Excellent chemical and mechanical stability.
  • Room temperature or heat cured.


Power modules, electronic product, controller, LED lighting, telecommunication, NB, PC, tablet.

Curing time :

SSTCA Series Silicone placed eight hours at room temperature can be naturally cured, the curing time is shortened with increasing temperature (see table below).

Properties Test model/Description SSTCA-010-H SSTCA-010-L SSTCA-015-H SSTCA-015-L Unit
Color Visual A-Black, B-White A-Black, B-White A-Black, B-White A-Black, B-White -
A/B Mixing Ratio - 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 -
Viscosity - 5000~8000 2000~3000 30000~40000 10000~20000 cps
Operating time(House,20℃) - 1 1 4 4 hr

Thermal Conductivity (Vertical)
ASTM D5470 Modify 0.65 0.65 1.5 1.5 W/mK
Curing time - 24 24 24 24 hr
Heat cure (90℃) - 30 30 30 30 minute
Density ASTM D792 1.59 1.59 1.95 1.95 g/cm3
Dielectric Constant   4.8 4.8 4.8 4.8 MHz
Volume resistivity ASTM D257 ≥3X1014 ≥3X1014 ≥3X1014 ≥3X1014 Ω.cm
Shelf Life - 12 12 12 12 month
Operating Temperature - -60~+200℃ -20~+150℃ -60~+200℃ -60~+200℃  

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Specification Color A/B
Mixing Ratio
Operating time
Flam Rating
Shelf Life
Operating Temperature
SSTCA-010-HA-Black, B-White1:15000~800010.651.5912-60~+200℃
SSTCA-010-LA-Black, B-White1:12000~300010.651.5912–20~+150℃
SSTCA-015-HA-Black, B-White1:130000~4000041.51.9512-60~+200℃
SSTCA-015-L A-Black, B-White1:1 10000~20000 41.51.9512 -60~+200℃
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